2,800 sq. ft.
Average yearly operating cost:  $644.00

"We can't believe how cheap our bills are.  We have friends with smaller homes who have much higher bills!"
3,700 sq. ft.
Average yearly operating cost:  $682.00

"When we built our home we had a new concept of placing our daughters bedrooms in the basement.  Our water furnace has provided us with the warmth and security we were looking for.  I love the fact I don't have to worry at all about Carbon Monoxide poisoning."

This is a 5,100 Sq. ft. home!
A Three year Case Study was performed on this home with the following results:

The average daily cost for HVAC:  $2.16
The average monthly cost for HVAC:  $65.76
The average yearly cost for HVAC:  $789.14

"In the seven years since we have had our system installed we have not had one service call."
" When we built our dream home we knew we wanted a Waterfurnace based on the recommendation of a friend who built a very large home that actually won Kansas City home of the year recognition.  It was important to us to have an HVAC system that could inexpensively and effectively dehumidify and cool a home comfortably during Missouri's hot humid summers.  After  we decided a Water Furnace was the best way to go, we need to choose a dealer.  We wanted the best quality work for the best price.  When he asked direct questions of knowledgeable industry sources, we was surprised to hear that the best work and the lowest prices were delivered from the same shop."  "We did not even consider a conventional heating & cooling system.  Rehagen has a terrific team, and they really deliver solid value.  We are totally satisfied."   
John Welek of Welek Construction is building one of Columbia's first all geothermal subdivisions!  Our systems in Johns homes have been vacuum tested and have a certified Score as low as a 45 rating on the HERS Index.!  The Energy Star requirement is 85.  The lower the number the better.

The heating has a 22.5 rating on the HERS Index.  The Energy Star requirement 76.3.
The cooling has a 8.7 rating on the HERS Index.    The Energy Star requirement is 36.5.
The Water heating has a 7.9 rating on the HERS Index.  The Energy Star requirement is 8.1.

Thermogrouting of Wells on a commerical application.
Westphalia Inn, Westphalia, MO
Osage Co. Administration Building
B & H Well Drilling
 Westphalia Vineyards
"We have a Water Furnace in both our home and Wine making barn.  Our wine making barn is most impressive, it is over 6,400 sq. ft. that is conditioned year round.  Our highest bill ever was $113.00 and that is for 6,400 sq. ft. building!"  

The owners of Westphalia Vineyards are currently in the progress of having Rehagen HVAC install a 26 ton Water Furnace Geothermal system in their newly purchased Historic Westphalia Inn  Restaurant and Norton Wine Tasting Room.  The past owners of the Inn have always been plagued with heating costs so high it would force them to close during the winter months.  They knew with out a doubt that a geothermal system would be the only alternative!  To view a list of their award winning wines  from the Westphalia Vineyards click here.  Our personal favorite is the Anna Rose`!
Fusion Welding Iron
The Fusion Irons reach temperatures of over 500 degrees!  A test on the pipe connections was performed by hooking pipe with welds to heavy machinery.  The pipe itself broke and not the welded joints!
Westphalia Inn
Westphalia Inn
(See finished project below)
Vertical Well 
Geothermal  distribution manifold
Link to story
Geothermal loops are 
burried right here!
(12 ton home)
Westphalia Inn & Vineyard
Westphlia Inn & Vineyard
Unlike Air to Air Heat Pumps,  Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems are not dependant on the outside air temperature to make heating and cooling, therefore you do not need to have a back up heat source.  The ground temp. in Central MO will stay around a constant 58 degrees, no matter what the weather outside is doing!
2009 STUDY
2005-2008 study
2008 study
Photo Gallery & Testimonials

“We would like to thank Rehagen for doing the installation within the time schedule that we asked for. It was a pleasure working with all of our employees; they all did a great job. They were willing to answer any questions we had and were professional in their work. We are very pleased with the finished results. We will be recommending your company to anybody that we know that are looking for your type of services.”

“I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your quick and very helpful help. I plan to buy a new ac in the spring & can only think of you guys to purchase and service.”

“A special thanks to Cody, Travis P., Dalton, Clyde and the others. They did a fine job, were courteous and very knowledgeable about the system.”

“Chris M and Cody went all out to work with me and educate me on the best options to suit my needs and my budget when my current system failed and I feel we “hit one out of the park” with their recommendations…

Your installers, Robbie and Nate, did an excellent job on the install and I appreciated how they not only did a great job getting everything installed, but put up with all my questions and checked, double checked, and triple checked their work.  

Chris has been great to work with! He followed up throughout the install by phone and stopped by the next day to verify all the pressures and settings, assuring that everything was programmed and working perfectly. I can’t say enough about how great he has been to work with.”

It gives me great piece of mind in knowing that I can count on your folks for excellent service and support. I assure you that I will be calling on you again…”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your quick & professional service. …I have discovered the true meaning of customer service. It’s the businesses that go above & beyond to provide professional & hardworking individuals.”

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